Saturday, 2 October 2010


Today I was pampered with a fantastic performance. A little boy with a small guitar. He performed to the sounds of AC/DC! His little body bent over the guitar and his body swinging to the rythm, his foot tapping, every now and then he stopped to "tune" the guitar, he also did some very specific rock moves, his mouth moving, no sound. He is autistic. And he loves AC/DC! He showed me how he also plays the drums and the piano in music-therapy. I have known him for six years. Seen how much love, beauty, joy and happiness he brings to all of us. And what a good full life he leads.

Rocking weekend to all of you!

Above are some more shadows I caught on camera whilst beeing at home. I´m feeling well today. I believe I have won the flu;)

PS. Keep your fingers crossed for me that the apartment I´m hoping for will be mine to rent.


swedishouse said...

Fingers crossed for you ;-)
Have a Rocking weekend!
Glad your over the flu..

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

Nina, so glad to hear that you are feeling better. Thanks for the story and video.

I love the subtle shadow shot!

Bon weekend,

Agneta said...

Så himla härligt att Du verkar till att suga in energi, och att Du mår bra! Tack för Dina fina fina kommentarer hos mig... Visst rockar det fett kring detta framträdande!



Henrietta said...

Heippa.Sinun heijastukseni on selkeäpi huomattavasti.Jos ei lue tekstiä voisi luulla että on tapetti...mallisto idea....uuteen kotiin.Saitko sen kämpän minkä halusit!

Nina said...

Thank you. I´m still waiting...