Sunday, 31 October 2010

Sans 'X'

Sunday. A very grey day. The sky looks like it is lacking colour.
Stayed in bed late. Listened to the radio and stretched. All my limbs feel longer;)

I´m baking an applepie. I have friends coming over later today to play scrabble and drink tea and eat tarte aux pommes. My scrabble is in finnish so there is no letter x. There are no finnish words containing the letter x. Isn´t that funny?
I´m planning to buy the swedish scrabble, it is after all my mother tongue. Maybe I should get the english one aswell...but then I would come off as a HC Scrabble player. And I´m not.

A few nights ago I woke up to a bang. No a bang. No in fact it sounded like a BANG! No it was actually more like a BANG!!! My heart was beating fast and I got up to see what on earth had happened. In the hallway I saw my large and very heavy antique mirror laying on the floor. It had fallen down from the wall. First it has landed on an educational board made of cardboard, that must have bent and became a slide when hitting the newspaperbasket and nicely guided the mirror onto the floor and the rug! Amazing! It did not brake!

PS. Tarte aux pommes is ready! Voilá!


Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

I would love to come over for Tarte aux Pommes... sounds delish! Hope you have sunny skies today but I never mind a gray one (once in a while).


P.K said...

How lucky that the mirror did not break. The tart aux pommes looks very inviting. I did not realize that there is not x in Finnish. Learn something new everyday.

Linda said...

åh det ser gott ut:) hoppas du haft en bra helg. kram.

Henrietta said...

Tuo on kauheeta kun yöllä herää kovaan ääneen ja tietää et jotain tapahtuu ja sydän meinaa tulla rinnasta irti. Viime viikolla heräsin kans tälläiseen ääneen mut sen verran oli lievempi että ajattelin sen tapahtuneen ulkona ja sain jatkettua uniani. Aamulla tutkailin mitä tapahtunut mutta mitään en löytänyt. Myöhemmin selvisi että se olikin seinänaapurin tarjottimet tippunut klo 05 seinältä alas rytisten. Rouva oli meinannu saada sydärin tietysti. Onneksi peilisi säilyi kuitenkin ehjänä tulevat onnettomuudet siis vältetty:)