Monday, 4 October 2010


Yesterday I travelled to where I lived as a child. I´ve never been back there since my parents sold the house many years ago. I seldom go back there in my memories. I might occasionally think about my cat. And the greenhouse. The forest and how well I knew the paths, the trees, the hills, the fields, the lake.
I did no longer recognise the landscape. I must admit I was dissapointed of the neglect I found, even a little angry.

We walked down to the shore, where we used to swim as chldren. The shore was overgrown, it was only reed. The path was almost gone. Everything was overgrown. Wilderness had taken over.

The only beauty I found was two bullfinches playing in the silverwillows along the lake.

I´m still waiting to hear about the apartment. So no news yet unfortunately.

Above is an old photo I tinted and placed inside a jar filled with dried rosepetals. I´m going to drill holes in the lid, to enjoy the jar as potpourri.


swedishouse said...

What a lovely idea...If I close my eyes...and imagine...I can smell the roses.

Sometimes I feel we just have to hold our memories and cherish them close to our heart...

To go the cold light of day sometimes is too harsh...

The same thing happened to me.

What I learnt is that nothing never ever stays the same...except those memories you hold dear.

LOVE PEACE enJOY your special memories

P.K said...

A beautiful jar, and a wonderful way to enjoy the scent of roses.

styleforlife said...

Its really fun to think of your childhood memories especially the home you lived in.
You have a wonderful creative talent, keep creating it!
xx Emily

Vanessa said...

Hello, I've just found your lovely blog via P.K's. Whenever I return to my parents' house where I grew up, I find it sad to think of others living there, that one day it will be sold and then there'll be nothing but memories to return to. I honestly don't think I could ever go back and can understand your sadness and anger. What a wonderful idea with the jar!

Satu said...

Hei, kaunista täällä.Toivottavasti voit hyvin.

ilovemyhouse said...

Hi lovely, i'm back from my cocoon.
So good to see your posts again, will try to do some cathing up.
Great idea this potpourri jar.

Harmoni og Kontrast said...

Så trist, Nina, å se igjen sin barndom på denne måten... Håper du har mange gode minner du heller kan leve på!

Nydelig var dette glasset, flott ide!!

Stor klem fra Laila