Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Who Knows Where The Time Goes

I did indeed visit my doctor yesterday and I fell asleep again. After the acupuncture treatment I drank my tea whilst listening and looking at him talking to me and felt very content. He always ends with a warm relaxing massage, heavenly. I just smiled, thanked him and said my "until next week" and I recall his very gentle face and his smile. Ah bless.

Busy trying to find an apartment. One that I found yesterday was sold this morning, the one I am very interested in has been pulled off the market and more news will be availbale next week, so found another one today but it´s slightly too expensive for me:(

Tomorrow I´m meeting up with my knitting group. Great! They are coming to my home and I´m planning to bake. An applepie. The secret is a thin layer of marzipan placed underneath the appleslices. Delicious. And served with tea it is heavenly!

I sold one of my Tolix chairs. It found a new home today. I need to sell some of my belongings as I will have to move to a much smaller aprtment and me plus all my stuff will not fit. So it´s either storage for my stuff and I sleep in the garden shed, or I find new homes for my treasures and live with less stuff. I chose the later option. Luckily I´m not attached to my stuff...well, there are a few things that I feel I really want to take with me to my new home.
I also try to think that this is a journey, I can learn something. Ok, I know this sounds all mush-mush, but hear me out first. I heard of this art-project called "journey to mars" (or something like that - my apologies if I got it wrong). I believe it is somehow based on the film Avatar, which I haven´t seen. Apparently the film is about this lovely planet and the residents of the planet live in peace and harmony, then humans arrive and carry with them norms and habits and beliefs and make a mess of it all. That is all very human, isn´t it. We all do that. Well, in this art-project, the artists are planning what to take with them to mars where they will start a new community. Hopefully without restrictions, norms, rules, beliefs, etc. from the past, but all good things.
I thought to myself, I shall make the same journey. I shall carry with me only the things I want to take with me. I shall also try to be open and leave matters that are better left in the past, in the past. Obviously I will carry with me things I´d rather leave behind, invisible burdens I have carried for years, sadness, grief, matters I am not aware of but also a lot of hope for the future, friendships, love and all my lovely things that I will not part with! Oh no, no empty walls and minimalistic angles. It´s not me. Not yet anyway. Get back to me in 20 years or so;)

I have also tried to look for a satellite and Jupiter in the sky, they are supposed to be more visible. But the sky is all blurry, couldn´t see a single star.

Blimey, it´s already wednesday evening and time has just flown. Who knows where the time goes? I do enjoy this song. Eva Cassidy is lovely.


ilovemyhouse said...

Hi my dear, i have to apologize first. Because of my blog break, the news that you and house band are breaking up had not reached me yet. So from the bottom of my heart i want to wish you a lot of strenght, but foremost happiness for the future.Of course i don't know you personal but with reading your post it feels like that and i have the impressions that you are coping very well. If you ever want to "talk" more feel free to use my e mail adress.
Lots of hugs and love, and take care!


Henrietta said...

Heippa ja kiitos piristyksestä. Minä kun en kuulu facebookiin jää paitsi jostain ehkä...
Noi vastaukset on hauskoja mutta toisaalta ihan järkeenkäypiä osa. Onko se nyt hypotenuusa vai mikä se oli kolmion sivun lasku...tosi hyvä vastaus, niin mäkin vastaisin nyt kun kaikki vanha oppi deletoitu päästä:)
Voimia ja sitkeyttä asunnon etsintää, se tulee sieltä vielä kun niin on tarkoitettu.