Monday, 29 November 2010

Teacup candles and seasons

Lucky me, today I received the wonderful teacup candle I won when ME OLD CHINA had a giveaway! It goes so well with an old jug I have, it has been passed on from my grandmother. I shall most certainly enjoy the upcoming christmas season with this wonderful candle (the scent is adorable, it is green fig). I shall place seasonal flowers in the jug too...
I´m so happy for the candle, it defenately gave a little boost to enjoy the season. As you know I´m about to move house, so I don´t really have the inspiration needed to make christmas in this house. Still I think we should not put our life on hold, so thank you so much Lisa, this really made my christmas. I shall lit the candle in the mornings when it is very very dark (sometimes I´m not sure if it is morning or night!), when I have my little morning moment eating breakfast and reading the paper.

I also have good news on an apartment. My bid has been accepted, hooray! But it will take another 3 weeks until all is final. Once the three weeks is up, I have hopefully made a final deal and the other shareholders can no longer redeem the shares for this apartment. Apparently none of the shareholders are interested, but I will not celebrate until the deadline has expired. And then starts the renovation. But I shall not go into that now as nothing is yet final. I shall only try hold my nerves - it is nerve-racking business buying an apartment!

I had a great weekend.
It was a blast at my parents. My brother, his wife and their two children and their friends attended the dinner. So we were a large bunch. They had enjoyed the play tremendesly and the children couldn´t stop performing;) This is art at it´s best, inpiring and creative. I do wish more children could have the same opportunity, to be able to attend the theatre and conserts. And not only children, it is vital that we all can enjoy the arts and be inspired. To be touched by an artform, if it is music, dance, theatre, visual art, a painting, a film, whatever, the experience can sometimes be larger than life almost. Sorry for preaching;)

I have been listening to Ray Lamontagen lately, and today I listened to this, made me feel filled with energy somehow. Makes me want to dance, spread my arms and turn turn turn!

Wishing you all a wonderful week.


Henrietta said...

Onneksi olkoon josko kaikki menis putkeen. Pysytkös Helsingin seutuvilla vai onkos se kauempana! Salaa olet mielessä jo kuitenkin aloittanut rempan ja dekoreerauksen:)

Nina said...

Heh, taidat tuntea mut jo aika hyvin;) Remppa ja sisustus on suunniteltu jo millilleen! Mutta en uskalla vaahdota siitä ennenkuin kaikki on lopulluista a mulla on avaimet ja hallintaoikeus asuntoon. Ikävä kyllä voi tulla osakas ja lunastaa viimetinkaan. Joten kolmisen viikkoa pitää vielä jaksaa odottaa.
Turkuun muutan. Ja vanha ihana puutalo-osake ja oma pieni puutarhapläntti jos onni suo. Ja se kaakeliuuni <3

Mrs M said...

Compliments your grandmothers jug beautifully! xxx

Henrietta said...

Ooh kaakeliuuni ja kaikki. Kuulostaa hyvältä, onko se vähän niinko Käpylässä on ihanat puutalot?!
Onneksi blogi ei joudu muuttamaan, saa tämän kautta sit tirkistellä sun remppaas ja kuinka puutarhapläntti muuttuu paratiisiksi kesän tullen. Jos siellä on vanha omenapuu osaan kuvitella kuinka siinä roikkuu sun ihania aarteitas. Mä tykkään ripustaan puiden oksille kaikkea.
Iih innostun jo itekkin, suunnittelu on kaikkein kivointa:)