Sunday, 14 November 2010

Happy fathers day!

Today is fathers day in Finland. My dad is away filming so I called him. It was good to talk to him. I love him very very much and hope to see him soon. Happy fathers day!

The weekend has passed very quickly again. Last night I attended a combined housewarming and 40th birthday party. Previously during the day I had cut my hair, a short bob with a short fringe. I wore a lilac flower, lilac beads and lilac eye-shadow. I liked what I saw in the mirror. It hasn´t happened in a while...
My friends have moved into a fantastic apartment. I came home in the morning! Lovely food, lovely people, great music, a live perfomance (!) by Siiri. Oh yes my dears, I move in circles;) Hih :D
I danced and laughed and drank plenty of sparkling wine and grabbed a taxi home and fell asleep little tipsy.

Today I´ve eaten healthy, lots of fruit and veg. And warm food as my chinese doctor has ordered. I´m wearing wollen socks and feeling quite content.

I made the dishes and swayed along to this. Put a smile to my face as I danced to this song last night. A very sweet person who made me feel very special last night and danced with me many many times.

Time for some tea.

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend.


ilovemyhouse said...

Way to go girl.This post made me sooo happy for YOU.
Have a peaceful sunday evening.

Henrietta said...

Ihanaa että oli hauskaa ja joku sai tuntemaan itsesi very spesiaaliksi, good for you girl:)
Tytär on siis seurannut isäänsä ammatin valinnassa jos oikein päättelen. Minä soitin hämäläiselle vähä puheiselle iskälleni joka murahti ja sanoi kiitos...siihen loppui kommunikaatio. Teki mieleni sanoa että koitas nyt vähän että puhelin on hieman niinko kommunikointiväline mutta minä sit paapatin jotain kunnes äiti tuli puhelimeen. Isiä on moneen junaan mutta on se silti mun paras iskä:)
Hauskaa viikkoa

swedishouse said...

Hej Nina

Lovely to hear that your ENJOYING life to the full...PARTAY PARTAY PARTAY!! lol!

renilde said...

Seems like someone had a very nice party over there, so nice to read this post. Dance Nina,dance!