Wednesday, 10 November 2010

I´m back!

I´ve had a wonderful time in Stockholm.
I had a very hectic timeschedule at first, but on monday I took it easy. I walked along the shore for hours, breathing in the autumn air and the landscape. I stopped and sat in a swing, enjoyed the sun and a passerby commented that "Du sitter och njuter" (transl. you sit and enjoy yourself). Popped into a lovely café for a sandwich and coffee. Read a magazine, then continued my journey to a bookshop.

The clown workshop was a lot of fun and hard work. But I´m not sure if it was my cup of tea;) I´m really glad I gave it a go.

Above are two candleholders I purchaised in Stockholm.


P.K said...

Welcome back! Sounds like you had a pleasant time.

Floss said...

Hello - how lovely to see you back. I really am going to have to head north and experience Swedish and Finnish life one of these days! Great candlesticks too.