Monday, 15 November 2010

I´m a little in love

Last monday, whilst walking in Stockholm, I passed a little oriental shop that had lovely candleholders in the window and I decided to pop in. Whilst walking around, looking at all the beautiful items, the lady in the shop changed the music. She had played oriental music when I walked in. Suddenly I heard a lovely voice and got drawn into a tune.
Eventually I ended up buying two candleholders and asked the lady in the shop the name of the singer. And yesterday suddenly something in me made me long for that tune I had heard in the little oriental shop. Then I remembered I had written the name of the singer in my mobilephone.
I looked her up on spotify and I think I´m a little in love.
Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce Melissa Horn.

This song reminds me of something. It does easily trigger tears in my eyes. I do have a lot of tears that need to be cried. I shall not store or save them. I seem to need this song in my little process called divorce;) My goodness, I never thought I would write about it lightly! I suppose that is a healthy sign.

So now I burn candles in my candlesholders and listen to Melissa and let my heart ache. But just a little. Because there are also happy days in my life now. And sorrow is not going to be my murunen.

Above a vintage postcard I have on the wall. She has such a gentle soft kind look, I wish I could brush her hair, stroke her hair. I know she smells of flowers.


nato said...

Little far away friend, we are here to listen.
Any time you need a shoulder to spill your sorrows, we are here.
So let a tear fall, a sigh out, and life will open it arms for a new beginning.
We sure are far, but we are here for you.
Listen to your music, look at your picture and dream of beautiful days to come.
A big Hug for a new Friend.

linnea-maria said...

Åh det var en fin låt och hjärtknipande!! Varma vinterkramar /Therese

Mrs M said...

Hi Nina,
Congratulations you are the giveaway winner! Pls forward your postal details to me_old_china at yahoo dot com