Saturday, 20 November 2010

I´m still only looking!

I´m still trying to find a new home! I´m going away for a few days to check a few fairly good options. I´ll be back on tuesday.

We have a beautiful winter wonderland here in Finland. I hope to have time to enjoy the snow. It is very beautiful when you look outside. What always strikes me is howe the snow creates a little sordin. Makes it even more cosy.
Yesterday I visited my friend V and J, who live in a small cottage by the sea. We had such a lovely time, we wore wollen socks, drank plenty of tea, talked and talked for hours, listened to old LP´s and later had lovely dinner. J had found a Barbara Streisand LP at a fleamarket and listening to some tracks brought back memories;) My goodness, way back to the early eighties! Though it´s not our style of music really, you can still only admire how well she crafted her voice and what a voice! The song I really enjoyed was The love inside. (It sounded sooooo much better on LP!) But I could stay in those harmonies starting at 3.50 lasting until the end. There something with those harmonies that have always done something to me;)

The beautiful image above was given to me by a very sweet soul, Jeanette, who kept a blog called Sans Coucis. I send her warm thoughts. I visit her blog though she is no longer an active blogger. I return to enjoy the beautiful atmosphere she created.

Until tuesday dear friends. And please forgive me for not commenting actively.


renilde said...

Good luck Nina! She who seeks shall find :)

ilovemyhouse said...

Hope you will find a new home soon.So funny i feel the same about Barbara, brings back a lot of memories.