Thursday, 25 November 2010

Shine on me!

It is so beautiful now once the storm has faded. The snow is white and the landscape is soft, the sun was shining all day and it caught me at mid day. I probably made a funny face but that was only because the sun surprised me - I did not expect to be shone upon;) What a difference a few sunrays can do! I wonder about these bright-light-therapy-lamps, does anyone have experience to share?

Above are sculptures from my school. They are old. I really enjoy their patina.

I´m making lasagne tonight. With spinach. I need iron.

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gamla skolan said...

Visst har solljuset stor betydelse , men bara att komma ut en stund varje dag tror jag är välbehövligt ! Låter gott med lasagne och spenat !!! Kramar Susanne ♥