Wednesday, 24 November 2010


I had planned to make a trainjourney early in the morning, but when coming home from school last night in quite heavy snowstorm I decided it was probably wise to postpone. And today I heard on the news that trains are delayed!

I have a mission for today, I shall stay indoors and keep warm as much and long as possible. And not use trains for transportation. This is not a campaign against our national railway - it is simply me trying to avoid beeing stuck!

Above is a lovely nude postcard that was in bad condition and someone had thrown it away. I cut away most of the broken bits and glued it onto a bookcover. I think it works fairly well.

Yesterday I was thinking that why do we not do that more often, surprise our friends and loved ones, it is in fact so easy. A postcard can make such a difference! You should have seen me, I was rather down-ish when I walked home from the station. My whole gesture changed and I was suddenly filled with energy and love when I read the card. My dear friend Ian is a true master in spoiling his friends. He is one of the most generous people I know. And he not only sends postcards and gifts (I have received small gifts in the mail), but he often buys two tickets to a consert/ theatre/ film/ event/ exhibition instead of one, he always invites a friend along. I am very privileged to have a friend like him. I hope I have learned something from a master;)


linnea-maria said...

Du är begåvad med omtänksamma vänner! Det blev jättefint, vykortet på bokomslaget, alldeles för fint för att ge till soporna. Kram /Therese

swedishouse said...

Hej Nina

How wonderful to have such a kind and giving friend.

renilde said...

Yes you're right,little effort, great effect. Sometimes we are just to busy with or own life, but you reminded me.Keep warm, x, Renilde

Henrietta said...

Viisas nainen kyn pysyit sisällä. Mulla oli savitunnit tänään ja rämmin lumihangessa (lumiaurat ei kerenny käymään) vastatuuleen. Oikeesti siinä oli huumorintaju kaukana kun lunta tuprus nenäreistä sisään aivoihin asti...(en liiottele en).
Postikorteista jne. vielä että se on ne pienet asiat muutenkin jotka eniten ilahduttaa pienen ihmisen elämää mutta ei sitä tule ajatelleeksi. Joskus jopa tuntemattoman ihmisen hyvät huomenet bussissa saattaa pelastaa päiväni, se on pienestä kiinni.