Tuesday, 2 November 2010

This is life

Today I felt so tired when I got home. I kicked off my shoes, dropped my bag and stuff fell out onto the floor and I just walked away. That is not at all typical of me. I usually tidy up after myself. And others! Ever heard of Litter movement ? No, I´m not sponsored by them, I try to pick litter instead;)
But now I´m forgetting myself, I was supposed to complain and whine about how tired I felt when I came home. I even decided to take a picture of my bag in the hallway. I still havent done anything about it!

It was dark at five. Dark. My inner-clock says sleep. My goodness, how I am to survive this darkness?

I need to make a plan. Eat lots of vitamin D. Try to be outdoors as much as possible. Make sure I sleep enough. And eat warm food as my chinese doctor has ordered. Good night. I will leave that bag lying there and just call it a day. Sleep well dear friends.

I now have a pride flag on my blog. I snagged it from Nina @ naturally nina. If you are also a blogger and support lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender equal rights, feel free to snag it or add one to your blog.



renilde said...

I know what you mean Nina,the lack of sunlight makes such a difference and not a good one. Fresh air and good food do help and some extra sleep now and then(a kind of hibernation I suppose)
But I also enjoy the long evenings,lots of candles,a good film,hot chocolat Hmmm.
Take care.x

littlebyrd said...

hello sweet girl. I hope you are getting some sleep and wake up feeling well!

Henrietta said...

Ymmärrän väsymyksesi olen itsekkin. Kellojen siirto aiheutti minulla taas sen etten saa yöllä unta, tavaan kirjaan kahteen kolmeen asti ja aamulla olen kuollut.
Kannatan homoparien asioita mutta myös samalla kun tämä asia on noussut pinnalla minua on alkanut ärsyttää avoparien oikeudettomuudet. Meidän yhteiskuntamme voisi nousta 2000-luvulle ja herätä myös siinä asiassa. Esimerkiksi avopari ei voi adoptoida tai periä toisiaa vaikka olis ollut koko elämän yhdessä, jne. Miksi hitossa siinä pitää olla jeesuksen aamen perässä ennenko mikään normaali asia hoituu.(vaarallisia aiheita, joku saattaa suuttua)
Anteeksi, ihmettelen vain joskus yhteiskuntaamme:)
Tämä zombie lähtee ryömimään töihin päin.

nato said...

Oh sweetie you need some sun from my part of the country, we are actually complaining of the summer not ending this year , we are still in short sleeves.I am sending some of my sunshine to you , will find a way to make you smile.