Monday, 1 November 2010


But hopefully not in vain!
I´m waiting for an apartment. In fact I need to wait a week to see the apartment. I´m leaving for Stockholm on thursday and return the following tuesday. Then I have an appointment to have a first look at the apartment. I know the house. I´d love to live in it. I so hope the apartment will choose me;)
I have decided to take a brake in hunting as this apartment is´s obviously a risk but I feel I need to take time out aswell.

Now I shall tell you about what crafts we all make in my knitting-group. We have an ongoing sock-project as we have a few very good teachers in the group. It seems that problems occur when it is time to knit the heel part...

I start with myself, I have a rather grand project, I crochet grannysquares and my vision (or mission) is to have a large quilt, big enough for two;)
Above is yarn I purchaised recently. I´m planning to knit a scarf.

A is knitting socks. And scarfs, triangle scarfs and crochet fantastic bags (can be seen in the middle picture in lilac).
A is very good at teaching different techniques and she is a fast knitter, she has completed all her knittings. She has knitted several scarfs, cardigans, socks, crocheted bags...

S is knitting a little cardigan for her god-daughter. I red. It can also be seen in the second picture. She completed a beautiful scarf last spring.

H is crocheting a similar bag as A, but smaller size. She has purchaised yarn for the sock-project.

M is crocheting small grannysquares for a bag. She purchaised the yarn at a fleamarket and it is perfect for this bag. On a completely different note: M´s husband is a knight. A french knight. He received the Chevalier dans l'ordre des Arts et lettres this summer. Fantastic. We have had much delight over this. Of course, all recognition is fantastic, it is just that titles like these exist mainly in fairytales for us.

AN is knitting a bolero for her weddingdress. She is getting married in march and needs something to keep her warm on her big day. She made a beautiful bag in the spring, she crocheted lace squares and rounds in thin yarn, and sowed them onto a linen bag she had made, and attached antique handles in silver. It is so beautiful.

K is knitting small squares with animal themes to make a baby-quilt. They are all very beautiful. She is making them of left-over yarn.

R is crocheting granny-squares in beautiful colours to make a baby-quilt for her baby. She is expecting her first child. She just completed knitting beautiful striped over-the-knee-socks.

RS makes lace. She also knitted a pair of pants/ shorts. And we have been lucky to follow her book-projects. She has not been able to attend this fall as she has a tiny little baby who needs all her attention.

T is knitting socks. She just finished knitting a wollen hat.

We have lots of fun when we meet. And time always seems to run out!

PS. last night my friend pointed out that the letter X can be found in a few loanwords. The letter X does exist in the finnish alphabet but in native finnish words, letter X does not exist.
I lost in scrabble. Over and over. But I still enjoy the game;)


P.K said...

Your knitting group is certainly busy, sounds like a wonderful way to get together.

Henrietta said...

Olikos sulla se pellekurssi siellä ruotsinmaalla, pidäppäs lystiä, luulen ainakin että enemmän naurua kun kyyneleitä:)
Mulla olis juhlimisesta sopivasti punainen pellenaama lainattavaksi.Koetan elpyä, hitaasti mutta varmasti.

Elsa said...

Terkut viety perille Lenelle Tanskaan, ja lähetti terkkuja takaisin!

Lenen puoti on ilmiömäinen paikka, lumouduin ihan täysillä.

Mukavaa matkaa!

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

Your knitting group sounds like a great way to get together with friends, learn new skills and just be creative. Love the "show and tell" photos.

Good luck with your ongoing apartment search...