Monday, 20 December 2010


The countdown to christmas has started.
Above is where I´ll be spending plenty of time;) Welcome to my sofa! I´ve saved books that I hope and wish to be jewels, so that I can just endulge in good stories. And I think I might watch a few films from amongst those cushions too. I will also winter-bathe, have a sauna and enjoy good food in the company of dear friends.

Yesterday whilst travelling on the bus I heard some adults talking to a child, they really put a lot of effort into this hype about father christmas and how you have to behave otherwise you will not have any presents...
I suddenly started thinking (I do think a lot of people have thought the same!)
We are all (or at least most of us) brought up with this christmas-hype. We are surrounded by this hype. The magazines are filled with it, the papers, tv, the´s all about the P E R F E C T christmas, what it should be, what we should wish for, how we should dress, what we must eat, how your christmas tree should look like, what we should expect. Then finally, after months of prepaprations, families get together to celebrate christmas. Everyone has their own H U G E expectations and all children have H U G E expectations. So tell me, is this why so many people are terribly anxious and stressed just before christmas? That everything must be perfect or christmas is ruined!
And why is there more domestic violence and more heavy drinking at christmas than any other holiday? And why do people feel so terribly lonely at christmas? I´m wondering if it is inevitable because of the excessive expectations. That it is in fact impossible to create a P E R F E C T christmas.
Should we perhaps lower our expectations, stop the hype, stop forcing and also expecting christmas to be this something that is P E R F E C T and then maybe there would be less chance of dissapointment.

I don´t know. I feel very tired of the hype. That I know. I´m sorry about the looooong lecture;)


Lorrie said...

I agree with you 100%. Simple celebrations are best. For me, Christmas is already here - in the sweet moments I spend with family and friends, in the joy taken when I light a candle and savour a cup of tea and fresh cookie, in the fresh scent of cedar that fills my nostrils.
Why put so much expectation on one day of celebration? I asked myself that years ago and the conclusion that Christmas is here already fills me with peace and joy.

Yes, we will celebrate Christ's birth on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, but the celebration does not begin and end then.

Your lecture is one that many of us need to hear! Wishing you all that's lovely during this season.

renilde said...

Oh yes nina you got a point.
It's not about that one day. It's a period to reflect ,and remember that friendship and love are precious, a period to share some time, some food an drinks. Expensive things are still things... It's the warmth and love ,we all need, what makes this time special. I adore all things home made because they are special and unique and someone has put his heart in it.
(enjoying your garland all the time)
x renilde

Henrietta said...

Sä puhut niin asiaa. Kävin tänään Vanhalla joulumyyjäisissä ostaan ittelleni uuden koltun Saaga designilta ja lähdin äkkiä takas Espoon perukoille. Siellä kylillä mietin katsellessani ihmisä että onneksi mun ei tarvi osallistua tähän vouhotukseen ja mietin että joulu ei oikeestaan merkitse mulle mitään. Mulle ihan sama koska vietetään kiva viikonloppu hyvän ruuan ja ehkä lahjan parissa. Kun katselee näitä emäntien valmisteluja niin tottakai heillä on odotukset taivaissa ja kaikilla pitää olla upeeta kans koska emäntä nähnyt niin paljon vaivaa ja jos ei olekkaan niin kivaa koko joulu pilattu ja paha mieli tulee sit esiin kaikilla eri tavoilla.
Jos joskus mietittäs että mitä tapahtuu jos EI hösstetä niin kauheesti, olisko joulu muka pilalla... tuskin kaikki olis vaan onnellisempia.
Relaa joulunaikaa:)

Floss said...

Totally in tune with my 'Unplug the Christmas Machine' book, Nina! Have a peaceful and blessed Christmas yourself, and thanks for your comment and Christmas wishes.

P.K said...

I agree with you. That is why I try to focus on the original reason for Christmas. Making the house festive and organizing a largish feast is a bit of extra work and planning. Every Christmas is perfect if everyone can gather around a bountiful table in good health and spirits. Presents are secondary. I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. All the best P.K.

ilovemyhouse said...

You are so right, every year i try to enjoy instead of feeling stressed.My tablesetting will be thriftedb, borrowed or what i have in my house.Just like the package i sent to you, i used what i had in my house.Hope it will arrive before Christmas.
That sofa looks lovely.