Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Flowerstand supermodel

I purchaised this flowerstand soon a year ago at a fleamarket for 4 euro. It had one "foot" missing and was covered in brown paint. I thought it had potential and brought it home with me. Now as I´m packing and organizing, I found it in the cellar. Just one of those yesterday I decided to do something about it. I scraped loose paint off, sandpapered the surface, made a new "foot" for it and painted it black as I happened to have leftover paint.
I think it turned out quite nice.
Decided to photograph it with two different pots. The flowerstand felt like a started acting abit like one too;)

Unfortunatley the apartment I wrote about in my previous post will not be mine :(
I had a phonecall last night from the seller, she informed me that a shareholder had stepped forward and announced interest in redeeming the shares. So I will have to continue my hunt. I will not be let down, this is just one of the backsides to apartmenthunting in old houses. I do think the system is unfair, but there´s nothing I can do about it. Well complain, but then I will bore you to the bone;)


renilde said...

Somewhere the right apartment is waiting for you ,it's only a matter of time...anyway I do like the flowerstand, x, Renilde

Henrietta said...

No voi peräsuoli. Mä en tajua koko kuviota,oliko sillä asunnolla monta omistajaa, miten joku voi myydä ja toinen tulla sanoon et se on hänen...hä!
No anyway paskahomma mut minkäs tekee. Ei sit ripustella enempää kivoja juttuja omenapuihin tähän hätään:)

Henrietta said...

Hanurista vieläkin tuo homma...Ihme ettei tuollaiseen ole tehty lakimuutosta että myynti hoidetaan ihan avoimella tarjouskisalla niinko nykyaikaisissa talonyhtiöissä osakas myy omaa osakettaan.
Tohkeneeko tuollaiseen enään lähteä mukaan kun sydän voi murtua joka kerta.

CrowNology said...

Love the supermodel and the second plant is fantastic!
I hope you find something soon...I am renting! ;) Move to Newfoundland...