Thursday, 9 December 2010

I spy missed connections and dust

Today I sat in the bus for ages, at least it felt that way. Traffic is very slow due to heavy snow. Notice it rimed;)
In front of me sat a man facing me, he wore a hat. The edge of the hat was covered in dust. I assumed many reasons to why the edge of his hat was covered in dust. I never told him he was carrying dust in his hat.

I had a Missed connections -situation a few days ago. I was waiting for my bus, and a man walked past me and slipped. We briefly exchanged a few words about the icy streets. After a long silence he said the landscape looked like a snowglobe and that he had always wished for a snowglobe as a child. He also told me he had recently spotted one in a christmas catalogue. So I replied that perhaps it was time he made a wish come true and got himself a snowglobe and we laughed and he said that he probably would;) Anyhow, we chatted away and I was a little dissapointed his bus came so soon. As he boarded, he turned to me and said it had been pleasant or fun waiting for the bus with me. He smiled as he walked inside and I think I blushed a little.
I seldom think back at situations like these. But for some reason I keep thinking what kind of "Missed connections" -image I would create of us. We would both defenately be standing inside a snowglobe, he could have a funny pose, similar to the one I saw when he slipped. I could be blushing.

I really do enjoy Sophie Blackall´s "Missed connections" -paintings.


nato said...

Nina that is so romantic !
Sometimes such a meeting makes you dream for days,
that is lovely.

Jacqueline said...

Dear Nina,
I loved reading that story.....I always talk to people....not enough people do nowadays. Perhaps you will meet him again !!!! XXXX

Don said...

Nice story. It sounds like you didn't miss a connection, you made one.

Floss said...

What a lovely story. I haev a picture of this in my mind, now!

a butterfly in my hair said...

loved this post nina!
i have a picture of you two ,in a snowglobe, in my mind right now... a really nice snowglobe i must say :)

Nina said...

Thank you all. And Don, your comment almost made me cry! I believe you are right.