Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Independence day over

On saturday I had brunch at my friend M´s house. She had invited nine friends for brunch, it was lovely. We ate delicious breads, cheese, cakes and fresh smoothies with berries, bananas, pears and soy-youghurt. Drank plenty of juice and coffee. We talked and later decided to have a massage circle, four persons giving massage to one - and then change places so that everyone gets a massage. It was fantastic! I came home late afternoon feeling so happy and blessed for friends like this. And relaxed!

Today I had planned going skiing but it kept snowing and snowing I decided to stay snug indoors. What was supposed to be an active day turned into a stay in my pyjamas all day and eat chocolate and read read read.

Now it´s time to go to bed. Wishing you a good night.

Above are animals I´ve cut out of vintage wallpaper. I´ve printed contours of animals onto the backside of wallpaper. I cannot for the life of me remember the site that had these animals that you could download for free for your own use. If and when I remember I shall share it with you.

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Henrietta said...

Sinulleppa lähti pikku paketti tänään.
Olis ihanaa lukea ja lukea vapaapäivänä mutta mä nukandan nykyää heti jos luen päivällä ja se terkoittaa ettei yöllä nukuta. Ennen pystyin nautiskeleen lukemisesta mutta ei enää. Sängyssä luen sit niin kauan kunnes nukandan mutta monesti se on liian nopeasti jos hyvä kirja.Harmittavaa tälläinenkin, bloggailussa pysyn sentäs hereillä:)