Saturday, 11 December 2010

Recykling the weekend

Today is recykling day in my household. We do not have glass nor metal recykling in my house. We have paper, cardboard, bio and energy waste. I have suggested adding both glass and metal, but it takes time and change is often slow. I use two old wooden boxes in my kitchen for glass and metal and once they are filled I take them to a nearby recykling site.

Later in the evening I´m going to the theatre with my friends.

But first of all, it´s all about recykling waste. This is a matter I´m quite passionate about;) In fact I enjoy challenging myself to produce as little as possible of any waste, even if it´s possible to recykle. I´m quite proud to say that I empty my energy waste twice a month. Previously it was once a week, or once every ten days but we also were two persons in my household at the time.

Wishing you a very pleasant weekend!

Above is a picture of the afternoon sky yesterday.


linnea-maria said...

Ja det är superviktigt att sortera sina sopor och gå med dem till återvinningen. Jag försöker kompostera så mycket som möjligt här hemma, det blir fin jord till trädgården. Ha en fin helg /Therese

Floss said...

I love hearing about how other people in other countries recycle - I can pick up so many good ideas! We have a 'yellow bag' that goes out for collection once a week, which can take nearly everything except glass. I am always very proud that our family of four only fills one bag, where the other families often produce more than that! It's funny how waste recycling has become a competition... But it does work.

Have a lovely Sunday, Nina.

ilovemyhouse said...

Oh yes i recycle a lot too!
We do plastic, glass, paper and organics. Makes you so aware of how much waste you produce.
I'm doing a giveaway, don't forget to enter.
Have a happy, happy Sunday.