Friday, 30 April 2010


Today we start to celebrate Valborg (1st of May).
We drink sparkling wine and/ or mead, eat funnelcakes and wear silly hats and cerpentines, sing and dance. And traditionally go for a pic-nic tomorrow with friends and family.

Above is a rose I grow in an old rice-jar, one of three old jars I picked up at a fleamarket when sellers were packing unsold items. They almost gave these away as they had no lids and were not sold. I decided to use them as flowerpots in my kitchen. I think they do a fantastic job!

Wishing you a Happy First of May, Labour Day, Queens Day in Holland, Hauskaa Vappua, Trevlig Valborg!


This week I have worked with students in Oulu, a University town 600km north of Helsinki.
Very inspiring days but living in hotels is such a turn off for me!
One day we worked at the premises of an old high-school. The interiour was beautiful and they had managed to pull off the (almost) impossible task of combining old and new architecture. The atmosphere was creative and very user-friendly, in principal designed for the students.
I enjoyed beeing able to see and feel the long history of the high-school, and also to see the new technology beeing widely used. I enjoyed walking along the corridors, in some classrooms the students were working in silence, in another classroom students worked in groups. And suddenly, a piece of music was played over the central radio and after the song the student chairman held a little speech and promoted happenings in the near future.

Now I´m back home.
The picture above is from the hallway in the high-School, there´s a huuuuuuuge cabinet filled with old stuffed animals.

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Early sunday mornings

Early this morning, I saw the sun playing with objects in my home. I enjoy shadows.
Whilst drinking my coffee I sat enjoying the light, the dancing of the shadows on the walls, the silence, the slow paste of a sunday morning.

Today we´re going to visit my parents, they are leaving for France next week and they´ll be back in the summer.

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Sometimes on a saturday

Took the bus into town and met my neighbour, Mr. Wong, on the bus. He told me all I probably ever need to know about pokergames. He kindly adviced me not get into gambling. "You loose money" he told me. I promised not to start gambling.

Walked into a kiosque and the cashier lady said "You have a lovely smile, I have seen you before."

Attended the Recycling-factory event at the Cable factory today. I tried out many different Furoshiki wrapping techniques, enjoyed the creative air, got lots and lots of inspiration and joy. Did a wee bit of shopping (ear-rings, piece of art, brooch). I also fell in love with a radio built out of waste, it looked like a robot. Watched children make paper-beads and canvas-flowers.
Bumped into friends and colleagues.

The sun is shining. My husband is cooking. I´m about to make myself a paper-bead necklace.

This is what I listen to right now.

I´m content.

Friday, 23 April 2010

Japanese Craft Books

Like so many others, I have fallen completely in love with Japanese craft books. I love this image above which is from the book Le cartonnage. The fabrics are divine.
They are perfect to look through when one is in need of inspiration. The images are beautiful. Last night I attended my knitting-group and our hostess S had 3 (!) different copies. I was drooling over them;)

I bought my second book from Pomadour.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Whilst waiting for my bus

This morning. It rained. I wore red wellingtons and a red umbrella. I wrote following words in my little notebook:
Greedy seagulls devour in waste. A bottle rotatates amongst a group of men. I met Xxxx-Xxxx in my dream last night. It was confusing and pleasant.

Above is a detail of a map from 1931 that we have in our livingroom. I love the colours.

Monday, 19 April 2010

A box is a box is a box...

Monday. A sunny busy day. Walked past a shop, usually it is closed and I sometimes stop and admire the beautiful items in the window. The door was open today, so I walked in. Oh dear, it was filled with...things...the floors were covered with pots and cups, the tables were filled with plates and cutlery, vases, more cups, books and small porcelain items. The walls were covered with paintings, photographs, cards and drawings. And then I spotted the box. It´s covered in fabric. It smells old. The colours are faded. It has a writing pad in the lower part of the box that can easily be pulled out. It reminds me of something. It´s lovely. And it´s mine;)

Sunday, 18 April 2010


Looking out through the window, I see my neighbour rake leaves. She is such a sweet lady, she loves to take care of our garden and by doing so, she provides plesure to us all. I have to remember to get her some flowers to thank her.

I found a vintage lampshade in dreadful condition during the week, so I have been stripping her to the bone, so to speak. I´m going to make a new cover.

It is a fairly sunny day, I feel a little lazy, and the best part is that I have no obligations today. If I want to, I can throw myself on the sofa and do absolutely nothing.

Above is a wooden hand with a dried rose and behind it, a tresure I reveived from Jeannette. It reads " Ma pensée te suit partout" which is part of a poème d´amour...

Ps. I used google-translator to translate the line, the translation offered was "My thoughts follow you everywhere". It is a somewhat accurate translation. Thank you google.

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Give me that slow knowing smile

Last night I dreamed that a bear was chasing me. In the dream I suddenly decided it was best to wake up, to stop the bear from tormenting me. So I woke up, got up to have a glass of water and climbed back to bed and fell asleep again.

I have been listening to this. I have a craving for this kind of feeling mood atmosphere.

Above is a certain George Washington. Another piece I´ve tinted. I have no special relationship with Mr. Washington, his image was among the pages I rescued from an encyclopedia and gave new life by colouring...he watches over us in our bedroom.

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Angels in Potsdam

Last night when I arrived home (my return flight was terribly delayed, I was hungry and tired) I found a parcel waiting for me. And I could not believe my eyes when I opened it. It was filled with beautiful treasures, it was as if I had found a secret...
I was emmediately filled with huge gratitude and I was so touched by this that I sat down and cried, happy amazed tears. I was completely taken by surprise! The world is an amazing place, and a certain Jeannette in Potsdam makes this world an even more beautiful place! Thank you Jeannette!
Jeannette won my 200th post giveaway and she wanted to send me a gift. All the treasures are so me. And I´m touched that Jeannette remembers that I collect vintage Eiffel-tower cards.
Jeannette has one my favorite blogs called Sans Soucis.

I wish you a wonderful beautiful day.

This song has been with me since I woke this morning. I started with dancing, slowly, swaying my hair, feel it paint my bare shoulders, feel the souls of my feet touch the floor...

Monday, 12 April 2010


I´ve never been diagnosed with pollen allergy, yet every spring my eyes are sore, my throat is dry as the desert, I cough...sometimes if the cough gets really bad, I get prescription-free allergypills. They ease the symptoms almost emmediately. I´ve always thought it dangerous to diagnose one self, but in this case, I think I do have pollen allergy. It has been obvious for everyone around me for some years! Maybe it´s time to get a proper diagnose from a doctor.

Above is a birdcage and the roof of another.

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Efficiency in a nutshell

The weekend has been lovely. I feel that efficiency is the keyword here. Everyhting has gone very smoothely. And without any effort. Effortless might be the following keyword.
I managed to get plenty of things done, things that are waiting to be done, but have no set deadline.
Some fun also, enjoyed a delicious birthday dinner yesterday at an italian restaurant with my in-laws, we celebrated my sister-in-law´s birthday.

Now I´m going to prepare for the week, iron clothes (I hate to have to do it in the week), plan what to take with me as I´m going to stay with my friend Anu on friday. She runs a bed and breakfast farmhouse called Tammiston tila. Here are her pages in english. We have been friends for years and it has been lovely to follow how she has built her business. I think she has done a fantastic job. Last year she renovated the kitchen, she now has a contemporary kitchen, similar to any top restaurant. She is now working on the restauration of the rooms. I´ve had the pleasure to help her choose old wallpapers and she has also restored plenty of old furniture found in the attic, to suit the decorating. I am so proud of my friend.

Above is a vintage bookpage from a dictionary, I´ve tinted the shells myself. I keep it in the bathroom, surprise, surprise. I have a beach - water theme going on in there;)

Friday, 9 April 2010

More fish in the sea

The working week has finally come to an end. To sqeeze five days work into four days (we had easterholiday on monday) is quite an effort made. I´m so looking forward to the weekend.

To make things even more hectic, I had a dentist appointment in the afternoon. I always sound more like Eliza Doolittle than myself afterwards. It was my annual check-up, and all is in order.

I´m fairly tired so the wisest thing is to wish you a good night, sleep tight. I´m going to climb into bed and listen to the air outside, dream of a small yellow is summer...I´m sitting on ther stairs, I hear hedgehogs russle nearby, swallows are building a nest under the roof and they show off their fantastic flying skills, I feel the soft breeze, in the distance from the kitchen I hear the radio that I forgot to turn off...ah, life just couldn´t be sweeter.

Above is an old tin lid, that I have in the bathroom.

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Angels in water

I went swimming today after work. I also decided to check out the spa-pools, and whilst standing under a watershower a little boy, aged five, approached me and asked me if it was pleasurable, so I told him yes, I do find it pleasurable. And he looked at me and smiled and swam around me and every once in a while i noticed he was looking at me.
On my way back to the swimming pool, I passed the waterslide and as I wasn´t in a hurry I decided to have a go. When I had reached the end of the slide I once again met my little friend, who by this time was very excited and shouted "Do it again!". So I did. And once again when I reached the end of the slide, he shouted "Do it again!". So I did. We continued like this for a while, I think I came down that slide maybe 15 times!

In the shower whilst washing my hair I smiled and laughed, and later when I walked home, I felt as if something very special had happened. It is hard to describe the feeling, but if I was supersticious, then I might, I just might, might, might say something like, I think maybe perhaps I´ve been touched by an angel...but as I´m far from supersticious, I just smile and say, a little boy made me very very very happy today.

Above is a detail/close up of a panoramic print I have in the bathroom.

Monday, 5 April 2010

Dotted anniversary in chocolate

What a relaxing wonderful short holiday we had.
We have now returned. We had dinner in a restaurant, as it´s our dating anniversary tomorrow. But we are both occupied with work in the evening, so we decided to rase a glass of sparkling and have a toast for us and our 16 years as a couple.
We bought some chocolate on the way back, we´ll soon watch a film (via the ceiling lying on the floor) and enjoy each others company. A perfect way to end a short holiday too.
Above is an old postcard in a frame that I painted and decorated with dots. I love that colour.