Monday, 24 January 2011

Andrei Makïne

I am very very charmed. I´ve read two of Andrei Makïne´s novels, Le Testament français and just finished reading Au temps du fleuve Amour. I´m craving for more. Library, here I come!
In the autumn I payed a visit to the annual Helsinki bookfair. Andrei Makïne was a guest at the fair. I saw him far away on a stage, I think he spoke in french. I didn´t stay.
Later when I was about to leave I bumped into my friends mother at the fair, she had come just to listen to him. I had not read any of his books.
Now I´m considering learning to use a samovar. Seriosly. But first I need to find one!


renilde said...

It is always a pleasure to discover a writer whose books really are your cup of tea.
Sounds like Makïne got you inspired.
x Renilde

jamaica byles said...

I'm intrigued...I'm going to look up some of his books.
Love your new header too, Nina.Isn't it fun to "redecorate"?

Alma said...

I also enjoyed reading Le testament français. Have a nice day.

Cecilia said...

Så länge sedan jag lämnade en kommentar hos dig....Läser du på franska??? i så fall är jag djupt imponerad. Jag har precis avslutat en av Åsa Larssons deckare, "svart stig". Jag älskar hennes böcker, dom utspelar sig alltid i Kiruna trakten.
Har du inte läst dem så gör det!
I väst sverige är det grått grått grått idag...hoppas du har sol :-))