Thursday, 13 January 2011

Dreaming of spring

Due to heavy drop in temperature, the snow is now melting and has gone all dirty and grey. All seems to be grey in fact. I´m longing for spring. I have been dreaming of spring in Greece. Of turqoise salty water. Of the language. Of the light. Of tasty aubergines. Feta cheese. Large olives.
I bought this lace collar from Lilla Blanka. I´m going to wear it in the spring with a vintage dress I have. I can see see myself cykling on my red bike to meet a friend, typical of me to be running a little late so that I have to hurry, but I´m always on time;)
Decided to take a picture of the beautiful lacecollar together with an old brooch.


Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

Nina, I do hope that you will have less gray in your life... that collar is lovely and thinking about riding your bike and warmer weather is a great mental exercise!


Firefly said...

So pretty!

Don said...

Positive thoughts! ...and good luck with your apartment.

Rinna Pitsiunelma said...

Onpas erinomaisen hieno kaulus! Laatupitsiä. Melkein tuntee kevätauringon ja kevätmekon hulmahduksen...