Sunday, 23 January 2011

Fauns way

Yesterday I had dinner with my parents. They asked me if I wanted the little faun pictured above as a gift.
I remember it always beeing in our home. It´s not a fantastic piece of art, nor is it´s details very clear. But I remember beeing fascinated by it. It always sat playing it´s horn in a bookshelf, my parents used it as a bookend.
Apparently it is part of a lamp! This particular lamp used to hang in my grandmother´s livingroom. It had four fauns playing horns. But one day it fell down from the ceiling (no wonder, this little faun is very heavy!). The outcome was two fauns broken and one faun lost it´s horn. My little faun was the only one that survived the drop without damage.


linnea-maria said...

Faunen är ju jättecharmig. Visst är den ett litet konstverk fast den har suttit på en lampa. Den måste ha sett bra maffig ut! Jag har en lampa på fot med tre st troll som håller upp den. Den är mig väldigt kär. Ha en fin vecka :) Nu ska jag prova den där sidan du tipsar om i inlägget nedan. Kram /Therese

Ann said...

I treasure things like that. To have it as part of your family history makes it even more special!


Pia said...

Så trevligt med en historia bakom din faun! Jag förstår, att den är kär och guld värd för dig!


Andrea~CrowNology~ said...

He was meant to be with you!
A reminder of innocence, family and wonder...
Hope you are well Nina.