Saturday, 8 January 2011

Inspired by

I was very charmed by Jade Jaggers collection for Indiska in 2010. I regret I didn´t purchaise the hammock she designed:( Unfortuantely I couldn´t find any pictures of it, nor any other of her products on their website. But believe me, it was lovely. And if you´re very curious, you can google Jade Jagger Hammock and you´ll find it emmediately...
But I´m glad I did purchaise mugs. And now I got myself two more on sale;) I think they are perfect in my kitchen. And I like the golden details.

And, come to think of it...I think I could buy a nice looking hammock and decorate it with white tassels and things...and make an "inspired by Jade Jagger" -hammock for me, myself and I!

Oh, funny thing happened this morning. I was about to leave and view an apartment, when I came back in to look for a timetable. I then realized it is the 8th today and not the 9th when the showing is! So I would ahve been there one day early!


Henrietta said...

Onko hammock riippumatto (liian laiska kattoon sanakirjasta)? Muistan ihailleeni Jaden tyynyä Indiskassa mutta hinta oli järkky joten tyyny jäi...vai olikohan tyyny anyway joku sen design. Nuo mukit on kyllä niin söpöt...girl power:)

Floss said...

Ooh, yes, I googled the collection and love the hammock! I found it on a French fashion blog which called her: 'La très hippie chic Jade Jagger'

Hippie chic, baba-cool!

And those mugs are wonderful indeed.

swedishouse said...

Hej Nina

I LOVE those Mugs ;-)
I think I will have to google this Jade Jagger hammock too...
Happy Apartment hunting
Lycka Till

Don said...

Nice mug shot!

Nina said...

Thank you!

linnea-maria said...

Åh vilka snygga muggar!! Vilken tur att du upptäckte datumet! Lycka till med lägenhetsvisningen/Therese