Thursday, 6 January 2011


I received these beautiful soaps from Nathalie. They are so beautiful, I really enjoy the scent. They are also beautiful to have on display - I have not yet dared to use them;)
I have tried an aromatherapy soap that I also recieved from Nathalie. It is soooo luxurious and lovely. I could get addicted to it, so I have decided to use it only once a week, so that it will last (hopefully) forever!

I had a good evening last night at the theatre. The adaptation of the book worked well on stage, though unfortunately at times it did feel more like a lecture than a play.
Today I did yoga and later had a bath (yes, with the addictive aromatherapy soap).
L U X U R Y ! I shall make myself some tea now.


swedishouse said...

Hej Nina

Hand-made natural soaps...always a delight to savour and linger in the bath...

Jacqueline said...

Dear Nina,
Handmade aromatherapy soaps are so beautiful and such a treat aren't they. .... and, they are so relaxing and make you feel good. Enjoy. XXXX

linnea-maria said...

Åh jag kan tänka mig att det är några bitar lyx som ligger där. Handgjord tvål som fortfarande innehåller glycerin är ju snällt mot huden och luktar gott. Jag gjorde mycket tvål förut och ska göra det igen någon gång jag har en hel dag för mig själv. :) Kram /Therese

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

Indulge yourself, Nina! You deserve it, my dear. The little luxuries in life make everything better


renilde said...

Sounds great, that blue soap looks amazing, as a piece of lapis lazuli.
Enjoy. renilde

helle said...

Love handmade soaps as well!!

Godt nytår!!