Thursday, 10 February 2011

Knitting and a stilleben heaven

I am meeting my knitting ladies in a café tonight. It has been three weeks since we last met up. We drank hot chocolate with whipped cream, tea and enjoyed cakes. We dreamed of gardening and were told details of an upcoming wedding. One of my knitting ladies is getting married next month!

I also have to share a fantastic blog and web-shop. I don´t think I have ever stumbled upon such fine details as in Five from the ground. All the images are such delight, they are a stilleben heaven. Not to mention the wonderful items pictured. Do take a stroll in their online shop. Oh my, makes me drool! You may also spot a wire works department. A certain wireflower can be found in my home. I simply could not resist it´s plain and simple beauty. It is now a few years ago that I purchaised the flower and it still is one of those details I really enjoy in my home.

Above is a postcard from my dad. He knows my taste so well.


P.K said...

What a great shop, heavens it is all so tempting.


Så glad jag blir att du tittade in och är med i min utlottning.

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

Love that card from your dad... hope that the get-together with friends is wonderful and that you have a nice weekend.


Sarah said...

Oh my! I see those forks and spoons with the names of herbs stamped on them! I really love those. I have just begun growing herbs over the winter. I would love something whimsical like that.