Monday, 7 February 2011

M. Negrin, champagne and chocolate

Today I closed the apartment deal. Now the apartment is 100% mine! And next month I will start the renovation.
I wanted to treat myself to something nice, so first I bought a secondhand Michael Negrin necklace that I spotted last friday at Hoochie Mama Jane, vintage heaven!
Then I treated myself to a healthy and delicious vegetarian lunch at Silvoplee and on my way home I bought a small (0,375 l) bouteille Baron Fuenté champagne and a box of handmade chocolates.
I shall raise a glass tonight and think of all of you wonderful and generous friends whom have supported me. Thank you!


renilde said...

Oh dear Nina, well done, I wish you an enjoyable time renovating and planning your new interior, something tells me this is gonna be gooooood, cheers!!

nato said...

Hello Nina,
congratulations for the apartment , am happy that your deal went well.
Best wishes for everything.

Henrietta said...

Skool på den här saken vai voiko nuin sanoa kun ei ruotsi kovin hallussa ole!! Kaiken olet ansainnut, nauti suklaasta ja skumpasta:) Odotan mielenkiinnolla renoveerau rojektia josko saamme pikku palasia täällä nähdä.

Elsa said...

Juhlimisen arvoinen juttu! Kippis ja skool uudelle asunnollesi! Ja voih, pääset remppaamaan... ;)

Ann said...

It will be fun to see how you progress!

Exciting time- and spring is a perfect time to renovate and clean.

Linda said...

grattis fina du! du är så värd den.

P.K said...

Champagne and chocolate is a perfect way to celebrate this special occasion. Best wishes on this exciting beginning. I look forward to see you work your magic on the new apartment!

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

You would probably agree that it was all worth the wait with its ups and downs... Big hugs and warm congratulations to you! Love the necklace, too!

I'll raise a glass and toast to your success tonight, my friend!