Monday, 28 February 2011

Say goodbye to February

It´s the end of february today!
I had a great weekend. The consert turned out really enjoyable and meeting my friend after so many years, well, it didn´t really feel all that long ago...He no longer lives in Helsinki, he has a large family (four kids!) now and a huuuuuge house in the countryside. He gave me a lift home and we decided to attend another consert soon. Looking forward to that!

Yesterday I made a short visit to Berlin in the 20´s, I saw Kabaree Berlin, a charming cabaret at Kapsäkki. I was very charmed by Greta and the little acrobat, lovely songs from the 20´s...I could have stayed longer!

Above is a photgraph by my friend Jim O'Donnell. It´s taken in Macedonia. I had it framed with a vintage frame and cropped the image slightly with a passepartout.
All the earning from the photography sales will go to help fund the Haiti Re-Forestation project that Jim is involved with.
To learn more about the Haiti Re-Forestation project please go here.
Please take a look at his his wonderful photography and if you want to help, please visit the store.

A little note to my previous post. I hope none of you found my commenting on the critical american couple as prejudiced. I know americans are said to be slightly arrogant, well, I´ve always tried not to take these claims too serious. There are arrogant people amongst all nationalities. I don´t fit the descriptions of a typical finn. I´m very often asked where I come from. And so are many of my friends and family. So I suppose if we limit ourselves to think only according to a certain stereotype we will not see far.
I was about to leave out the nationality of the funny critical couple from my previous post, but that would have made me sensor myself and I would be prejudiced!
I have dear american friends whom could never be described as arrogant!


akissfromthepast said...

psst: chek out my latest posting ^.^

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

Oh dear Nina, you did not offend me in the least... Certainly there are all types and I cringe when I see a person like this no matter the nationality... don't worry

Glad that you enjoyed the concert this weekend with your friend!


Nina said...

Genie, I was in fact referring to two american readers whom I lost after my post yesterday...I assumed that was the reason they stopped following my blog;) But obviously I cannot be sure if that was the reason. Well, you can´t please everyone. But I think that it's a shame if the reason was they felt offended becaue it was never my intention...

Lorrie said...

Your weekend sounds lovely. And what a beautiful photograph. So moody and misty.

akissfromthepast said...

psst2: i mean the one whit award :)

Henrietta said...

Ymmärrän pointtisi mutta joskus on vaikea pitää suu supussa oli kansallisuus mikä tahansa:)
Minut on luokiteltu hämäläiseksi koska siellä asuin suurimman osan elämästäni mutta Sitten asuin Torniossa seitsemän vuotta ja oli pakko opetella keskustelemaan tuntemattomien ihmisten kanssa ja se aiheutti suurta hämmenystä Hlinnassa, luokitteluni ei pitänyt enään paikkansa minusta oli tullut puhuva hämäläinen...mikä se on?!

Evelyn S. said...

Of course, that American couple was rather arrogant! I am rather puzzled by someone 'quitting' your blog because of the very mild observation that you made. I would hope that I wouldn't ever do that....or at least say something that someone could hear! ;-)