Thursday, 3 February 2011

She´s back on track

It took me quite many hrs of sleep, but I have managed to conquer the fever! I am now well. Thank you for all your sympathy when I was feeling small and rotten and aching all over - it truly does make a difference to receive sympathy. Thank you all!
Today on my agenda are a few highlights, first I´m taking this little zink tub to it´s new owners. The new owners are none the less than the fabulous Avanti chamber orchestra! I also received tickets to the sunday consert where the zink tub will make a grand appearance;) I shall report on that later.
I was supposed to meet my knitting ladies tonight, but we have postponed our meeting for next week. So instead I can attend the grand opening of ateljee Hurma. I am very excited. I have seen the interiour of their ateljé, and it is ah, so divine, feminine and luxurious. There will be pictures on the website soon-ish. But before that, you just have to take my word for it!

1 comment:

Pia said...

Vilken balja!!! Men du skall ge bort den? (eller låna?). Har orkestern brist på trummor? Nä, jag fattar inget ;)

Ja, det blir att vänta på en förklaring och glimtar från en ateljé...?

Ha en sköön helg!!!