Saturday, 26 February 2011

Tinted memories of Hungary

I was supposed to have dinner at a vegan restaurant called Bistro Artesana today, but noticed they close at 6 pm. which means we will not make it in time. BA has become one of my favorite restaurants. They serve delicious vegan food.

I´m going to a consert tonight with an old friend. We haven´t seen each other in years. I think last time we met was when we participated in an international hot air balloon event in was slightly wierd that I ended up in the hungarian countryside attending this event - I´m not a hot air balloonist! I took a train from Budapest and sat next to a woman carrying a basket filled with small chicks. I got off the train to change for a local train in the middle of a field. Alone. I have no idea how I ended up finding my way to where the hot air balloon event took place;) The others were already there, they had driven a van. I ended up reading maps, running through fields (in one field I met a hungarian cow - for a split second I had to think, is this a cow or a bull...), carrying heavy hot air balloon "things" (see, I don´t even know the names of the "things"), sleeping in a really crappy bed and partying! And most of these activities I did wearing a heavy fireproof coverall! On my way home I stopped at Tokaji, climbed a hill and tasted Tokaji wine. At the tourist-information I asked if there was any possibility to rent a bicykle - they said I could rent a horse! I stayed one night in Budapest and met an american couple who told me they had "done Amsterdam before they did Budapest" and that they were not impressed. I have no idea if they were unimpressed by Amsterdam or Budapest. I thought it wisest to simply reply with an Aha;)

Oh, I simply have to share this link to a sweet youtube clip called The tragedy of first position. Oh my;)

Above is a holy card I have tinted. I know, it´s perhaps not a good idea to colour old things - but it looked really dull in b/w. I think it became so delicate tinted.


akissfromthepast said...

:D wonderful writing.. its so true, you can never know where to end up..perhaps in some hot air balloon :D The card is awesome! ...haha and the youtubeclip :D :D joy of the moment :D

Floss said...

Wow, WHAT a story! I shall mull on that for some time...

I think the tinting worked.

Floss said...

Just watched the video - awww!

Andrea~CrowNology~ said...

What an adventure...It proves sometimes that going outside of your interests can be interesting!
Hope you have a wonderful time tonight Nina!
Wish I could go to that vegan restaurant with you!

linnea-maria said...

Åh vilken underbar historia du berättade!!! Suck jag har varit på alldeles för lite äventyr för att vara så äventyrlig. Så kan det vara när man varit tillsammans med en "Nasse" i 18 år (inte nuvarande) Han tyckte allt var farligt :( i synnerhet okända människor. Kram /Therese

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

You are simply a delight, dear Nina, and I adore the hot air balloon story...glad that it was a cow and not a bull... Bad Americans... how utterly rude!


great video!

renilde said...

HAHA, great story and that video is so cute....x

Henrietta said...

Kylläpäs kuulostaa mielenkiintoiselta retkeltä, varma muisto loppuelämäksu, ei voi kuin hihitellä:)