Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Wallpaper and paint

Oh my, choosing wallpaper and paint is not an easy task. But I think I have made up my mind regarding the wallpers. I will wallpaper the hall with my all time favorite, Sanderson Sweet Bay in black. I still haven´t grown tired of the pattern though I´ve had it in my home for years.
Above is my option for my living area. I´ve also chosen moldings and floorpaint and panel for the ceiling.
I´m meeting up with my builder tomorrow, and we´re going to visit the apartment even though it is not yet empty and a tenant is still living there. I can´t wait! It feels it is ages since I was there last!


Henrietta said...

Oih suunnittelu on ihaninta.onko sulla joku luottoremppareiska jota uskallat suositella, mä en tunne ketään reiskaa pääkaupunkiseudulla.

swedishouse said...

Hej Nina
How exciting :D
I LOVE your wallpaper, the pattern I can just make's very subtle, which I like. Who is it by?
I think it will look great in your living room, a clean back-drop for to show off all your lovely objets d'art...
Ha en trevlig helg

Nina said...

The wallpaper is by a swedish company called Paintpart. Design Mariehamn and Sandudd.