Sunday, 6 March 2011

Busy bee

I have been a busy bee with my renovation-project. A slight delay appeared today as the floorpaint had not dried so we have to wait another day to paint the second coat. I am totally in love with my new neighbours. I know I will be a very happy bee in my new home.

I attended a great birthday party last night. They had a great DJ and almost all the songs he played were my favorites, so nothing could keep me away from the dancefloor! Except when they served cake. Chocolate cake. I had two pieces!
Earlier in the day I had a massage. I felt I was floating when I left! She said my pectoral muscles were extremely tight and that could have been caused by emotion...I told her I had a rather sad autumn/ winter and she said she could feel that in my body. But she also said she felt the muscles loosening quite easily. I´m going back next week. But isn´t the human body just amazing? And all the emotions I seem to think I need to store in my pectoral muscles. My goodness.


Henrietta said...

Voi tuo kirjahommeli kuulostaa mahtavalta, mitä sinä teet siihen? Toivottavasti maali kuivuu saattaa mennä kolmaskin päivä ennenko kuiva. Sinun joululahja sydämesi laitoin blogiini kuvana kirjasta. Ois ihana päästä tantsuumaan:)

Don said...

Congratulations on the book project!
Sounds like fun.

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

Congratulations, Nina! You sound on top of the world and that is just where you deserve to be, my dear... I hope that we will see some photos when you finish your renovations. How exciting!


Henrietta said...

Siitähän alkaa taas uus ura kun saat kuvan julkaistua. Mikäs sie sitten jo olet kuvaava,kirjoittava, näyttelevä ja huhhuh. Olet sellainen monitaituri:)
Jokos se maali kuivu ja saitten uuden kerroksen maalattua!?

linnea-maria said...

Åh det där lilla öppningsbara fönstret ser lovande ut. Hade sånt i mitt förra hem, såå praktiskt! Vad kul att du blir med i ett bok projekt. Spännande. Ha det så underbart. Många kramar /Therese