Wednesday, 30 March 2011


I feel I have no words left. I used them all trying to negotiate a deal; you see I have managed to purchaise a stove that is 1cm too wide! I know! Guess how amazed I am! It really is 1cm too wide! Please do not ask me how it is possible to have managed to purchaise a stove that is 1cm too wide. I cannot tell you. So I have used all my negotiation skills possible, I have written e-mails and I have spoken on the phone. And now I have negotiated a deal, they will change the stove. I tell you, we started off with an unconditional NO we cannot and end of discussion. And here I am, many hours, many e-mails, many phonecalls later with an YES we can do that.

And here´s Jeff Buckley´s great version.


helle said...

Lucky you, have a nice evening then!


akissfromthepast said...

:D Great! finding something positive: it sure is something quite talented to end up whit a 1cm too wide stove. Im happy that you could change it! :) it just a needs a little conversation :D ooo and i love the madonna statue!!! :D

Henrietta said...

Palo hermot jo sun puolesta, mikä siinä vaihtamisessa on niin vaikeeta kun on käyttämätön hella!? Toisaalta nykyään kauppiaiden kanssa "tappeleminen" on hyvin vaikeaa, asikas EI ole enään oikeassa missään. Onneksi sait homman hoidettua tuttuun tyyliisi ja kaikki hyvin.

Don said...

1 cm? Oh, no. God is in the details.
I'm glad you got it worked out.

P.K said...

What a difference 1 cm makes when trying to fit something into a specific space. Thankfully you were able to successfully resolve it. I have a chair in my living room that should not be there, it did not fit through the door of the intended room.

Lorrie said...

Oh wow, what a hassle. I'm glad you were able to negotiate something. Just one centimetre makes a huge difference.

Ann said...

I would have died!

Glad your perseverance paid off.

renilde said...

Oh my :)))

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

Success! I am so proud of you and your persistence and insistance! I imagine it was a dark moment when you realized how important that silly centimeter was!

Happy that you have a good outcome!