Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Storms always happen before the coming of miracles

I quote my friend Elizabeth.

Thank you all for your kind words and your warm empathy. You are truly warm and kind.
Taken by surprise - out of the blue a huuuuge sadness appeared yesterday. I guess that when my new home now is almost ready, I´m about to move, my divorce is final. I´m about to turn a blank page in my book - and it is all taking place at the same time. That could have caused or triggered off the sadness.
I feel so different today and I´m back on track again. I suppose I needed to step away for a moment.


akissfromthepast said...

new steps of life, those needs time. Its good to have now a new beginning, after one day of sadness. its refreshing in somehow. After all the sad things, its still a new start, and who knows what that may bring!

renilde said...

Good to read you feel better again, it's totally normal you are going through emotions with all what's happening in your life.But you are doing great, changes allways mean leaving something behind. But the doors are open for something new and different that will bring you joy, x
I like your friend's quote.

P.K said...

Good to hear that you are feeling better. You have a lot on the go there, keep strong and real. Sometimes one has to crash, and that is okay. Cheers.

nato said...

As they say after the storm there is good weather,
So I hope your coming days are as bright and beautiful as a summer day..
Good luck