Saturday, 30 April 2011

Photo challenge

My friend A over at A kiss from the past included me in a photo challenge.
The challenge has four rules:
1.Open your fourth folder where you keep pictures
2.Pick the fourth picture from the folder and publish it
3.Explain your picture
4.Challenge four blog keepers to do the same

I have completed rule 1. and 2. and here comes rule nr. 3.:
This image is from the opening of ateljee Hurma, I made a post in february about this divine ateljee.
Just a detail of a fantastic mirror, I have a weakness for the defect and broken, and it gives fantastic character and charm to any object.
Rule 4. I challenge anyone who feels up to it!

Friday, 29 April 2011


Yesterday I attended a solidarity march for a multicultural Finland. The sticker says "all different - all equal".
After the march I saw the King's speech. I enjoyed it tremendesly. Once again, thank you Colin Firth for breathing the same air as me <3
I did enjoy the work of Geoffrey Rush aswell. He also made me laugh out loud a few times.

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

A tray is a tray is a tray...

The sun is out, I´m missing my bicykle that is still in repair...I look at fellow cyklists with envy. But surely I will have my baby back next week. Jeeeeeee!

Above is a tray I have hanging on my wall. The potrait is of my grandmother Vieno.

Tuesday, 26 April 2011


Since I now have an allotment I shall grow flowers too! Seeds. I need seeds. But first I need to plan what seeds I will purchaise as I know I will be like a child in a candystore...I´ll have those and those and those and those...

I just ordered tickets to see Hämärän lapsi performance at Kapsäkki theatre on friday. Anna-Mari Kähärä has composed songs to L. Onerva lyrics and performed by Maria Ylipää, a wonderful actress and singer. I can´t wait to see this performance. I posted about L. Onerva almost a year ago, when I saw an exhibition of her at Ateneum in Helsinki. An exhibition I simply fell in love with.

Above is my flowerlamp purchaised at Habitat some years ago. I haven´t grown tired of it! It´s designed by Helena Christensen. I bought it in London as we didn´t have Habitat in Helsinki at the time. I haven´t seen these in Habitat in Helsinki, so not sure if they can be purchaised here.

Life is filled with love

Sweet kind generous Julie of Swedish House had seen this and thought of me and now I received it in the mail! The world is full of love! Thank you Julie, it is soooo charming. For the time beeing I shall keep it just like this but the idea of making a lavender filled pillow is also very tempting...

Monday, 25 April 2011

Living outdoors

It is amazing what weather we´ve had over the easterholidays. Most peple seem to have moved outdoors! Me included. I have mainly sat in the sun with friends enjoying plenty of tea and coffee and easter-treats.
Today I have planned what to grow on my little plot, I'm sharing an allotment with a neighbour, it´s located next to our garden. It was her idea that we share allotments, great idea as they are rather large in scale.

Today I have friends coming over, we are making dinner together and maybe attend a gig in the evening - if we feel like it, we decided to keep it optional.

Above is a little pink collection I have. There is something about that image with the arm and the spoon...I wish I knew who it is by. I bought the matchbox in a gallery years ago but I have lost the name of the artist:(

Wednesday, 20 April 2011


Last night I saw Certified Copy at the cinema. A film I disliked. I did not understand it and I thought the acting was appalling. The end was the most dissapointing. After the disastrous film experience I had some wine at my friends house and we chatted away so eagerly I missed my last bus and had to take a taxi home;)

My easterholiday has now kicked off.
I was about to make a little trip, but I have swedish friends coming over and decided to stay in Helsinki for the holiday. They are checking out my new home tomorrow. Jeeeeeeee! I love guests!

Wishing you all a Happy Easter, eat lots of delicacies and enjoy spring!

Above is a mishmash of things on my shelves.

Monday, 18 April 2011

Politics and boobies

The weekend passed very quickly. I did some work in the garden, mainly cut appletrees and planned what needs to be done...I have a large glass bowl filled with appletree-branches.
Yesterday was parliament elections in Finland. I am not pleased with the outcome. Far too conservative in my opinion. Makes me worried how there is so much hatred amongst people.
You can read more here:

Above is an image from my hall. I have a vast collection of french cards, i.e. erotic cards. Most of them are 1920's, some of them slightly earlier and handtinted. I find them very charming. I have them grouped together with vintage frames. There´s quite many boobies in my home - mine included;)

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Edith and Deborah

Oh my, it has been a wonderful day today. The sun was out, it was very warm, birds and humans beeing busy in the garden...

I´ve built shelves for my books. I keep a ladder as a bookshelf but I have far too many books, they don´t all fit on the ladder. So I´ve built shelves in the hallway close to the ceiling. I painted them black. My dad, who was my helper (or was it the other way around...?) said he liked my choice of colour.

In the afternoon I had a lovely guest. We drank coffe and ate orange flavoured fair trade chocolate in the sun.

Above is my Edith Södergran bookend standing on the ladder and behind the ladder is Deborah Bowness Genuine Fake bookshelf wallpaper.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Butterflies in mailboxes

Today when I came home I glued my butterflies onto the wall. And funny thing when I later remembered to check my mailbox (I keep forgetting as I´m used to having my mail delivered to my door...!) I found the sweetest card from A kiss from the past, with a butterfly themed quote.
I love receiving mail, so thank you dear A for making my day! I love and I envy your handwriting!

Monday, 11 April 2011

Early morning

It gets light very early in the morning. I was woken by light and birds twittering. I need to get a blind, but as I´m slightly (!) picky, the fabric I want is at this percise moment a little too expensive. I need to wait another month or so until I can order it.
It´s the DG Emmeline Charcoal silk, I would line it with a sand coloured silk and have black silk ties and glass rings to hold the ties...

Above is an orchid I picked up during the weekend. I felt I wanted to try since I have my new neighbour I can ask orchid-caring-advise from;)

Happy monday!

Sunday, 10 April 2011


The snow is melting mighty fast. Our garden is visible. I sat on the stairs and enjoyed an afternoon coffee in the sun, chatting away with my neighbours and breathing spring.
I have been lying on my bed listened to Anna Järvinen's new album. So happy it arrived on friday. It is absolutely lovely. There are sooooo many songs that have found their way home, in me, on me, there and there and there...
I can feel the sun on my face. Time to wish you a good night, sweet dreams dear friends.

Above is my sugar tin.

Saturday, 9 April 2011

I have moved

My things are finding their ways into the cupboards. Finding their place.

I had a lovely evening with my friend A. She said she was so happy for me and loved my new home.
We had breakfast and then she had to leave. Now I´m listening to the birds, drinking coffee. I am content.

Happy weekend dear friends.

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Guests jeeeee!

My friend A is coming to stay for a night. She arrives tomorrow. I´m very excited! I´m going to buy a bottle of wine, make a rich salad and maybe a small soup on the side. Lovely to have time to talk.

I've had this tune in my head all day. Especially the part where they sing olen onnellinen - mitä sä luulit. I am happy - what did you expect. I keep making a gesture, I spread my arms and am about to turn, everytime I hear that phrase. Funny thing though, I don´t even think the song is special or particularly good. It´s that phrase I have feelings for;)
I have ordered Anna Järvinen's new album. It should arrive in the mail within a few days. Hopefully tomorrow because then I can play it for my friend A.

Above is my chandelier. It gives a lovely light in my home.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Angels and angles

The back of a tiny little figure cought my eye yesterday. Looks quite lovely. I suppose it´s good to look at things from a different angle at times.
Funny thing right now, when I was writing I first spelled the word angle as angel;) Had to read it twice to notice what was "wrong" with the sentence.
There is a swedish song called Ängeln i rummet. Angel in my room. I have an angel in my room.

Here is the song by Eva Dahlgren.

I found a translation:

There is an angel living in my room
she lives above my head
she brings me peace
and she whispers to me
everything that I say to you

there is another living in my body
she has the most beautiful of souls
she is love, and hope
and she tells you
how much I love you

there is a spirit living by my foot
who blows warmth over my skin
it tickles and you saw that I smiled
but when she breathes on me
it is so that you should come and warm yourself

here I am with everything else
that makes a person whole
and I hope
I hope that you have strength enough
and that the angel in the room
is the girl
that you see

Monday, 4 April 2011

Moving is like dancing

...I think this is the kind of motion you could have seen me doing all weekend...
I´m still moving! But I´m defenately at the end...I cannot have any more stuff that will suddenly appear and I would have forgotten all about it;)

At the other end there is chaos. But I hope and wish it is controlled chaos...

And here is a request for you:
I saw this trailer (finally!) of the film for Pina Bausch by Wim Wenders. Pina Bausch was a fantastic choreographer, I´ve seen her group perform and cried most of the performance, so fantastic was it! She also made choeography for Almodovar films.
So please please please go see it. For me. You see I´m not sure it will screen in Helsinki, so I just have to pray it will or try catch it somewhere in the world. Sometime. I think this film must be seen on big screen.

Friday, 1 April 2011

April fool

I have been packing, packing and packing. I also plan to pack, pack and pack.
It´s time to move. Queen Alexandra and King Edward are also moving to a small apartment on the top floor of a yellow house in Kumpula.

Happy weekend friends!