Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Angels and angles

The back of a tiny little figure cought my eye yesterday. Looks quite lovely. I suppose it´s good to look at things from a different angle at times.
Funny thing right now, when I was writing I first spelled the word angle as angel;) Had to read it twice to notice what was "wrong" with the sentence.
There is a swedish song called Ängeln i rummet. Angel in my room. I have an angel in my room.

Here is the song by Eva Dahlgren.

I found a translation:

There is an angel living in my room
she lives above my head
she brings me peace
and she whispers to me
everything that I say to you

there is another living in my body
she has the most beautiful of souls
she is love, and hope
and she tells you
how much I love you

there is a spirit living by my foot
who blows warmth over my skin
it tickles and you saw that I smiled
but when she breathes on me
it is so that you should come and warm yourself

here I am with everything else
that makes a person whole
and I hope
I hope that you have strength enough
and that the angel in the room
is the girl
that you see


akissfromthepast said...

I have the same thing. angle and angel is quite same if i look it quickly. :D sometimes i end up in silly situations, when i have to read it twice.. but well :D angle in room is quite nice :) is that some kind of paper doll in other side? that pice of paper? nice picture!

P.K said...

Lovely lyrics.

linnea-maria said...

Det är en vacker text av Eva Dahlgren. Många kramar /Therese