Friday, 1 April 2011

April fool

I have been packing, packing and packing. I also plan to pack, pack and pack.
It´s time to move. Queen Alexandra and King Edward are also moving to a small apartment on the top floor of a yellow house in Kumpula.

Happy weekend friends!


swedishouse said...

Hej Nina
Happy Moving!

P.S. It will be in the post tomorrow ;-) x

renilde said...

Happy moving week-end Nina,love the vintage suitcases, x

P.K said...

Happy moving, I trust that the King and Queen will enjoy their new home.

Lorrie said...

Moving can be hard work, but think of the joy you'll have helping the King and Queen find a place in their new home.

Conny's Cottage said...

Hello Nina,

that is very very lovly.
I love Vitage soooo match.

greatings send you Conny