Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Butterflies in mailboxes

Today when I came home I glued my butterflies onto the wall. And funny thing when I later remembered to check my mailbox (I keep forgetting as I´m used to having my mail delivered to my door...!) I found the sweetest card from A kiss from the past, with a butterfly themed quote.
I love receiving mail, so thank you dear A for making my day! I love and I envy your handwriting!


akissfromthepast said...

Oo wonderful that you got it! i saw the card and i instantly to thinked to send that to you as a thank you card :)
ps. i f would knew you would put that in here, i would have written it in a more better handwriting ;) Glad to know that it made you happy! :D mission accomplished!

Ann said...

It's called serendipity in English.


Don said...

Mail? What dat? :)

Henrietta said...

Onko tuo tapetti, aivan ihana. Manuaalinen posti olis kivaa, en edes muista koska oisin saanut..joulukortteja ei lasketa. Just teetin kuvista kortteja englannissa enkä edes tiedä mitä tehdä niillä, no on kortteja ainakin käsillä jos joskus tarttee lähettää manuaalisia korteja:)

hlíf said...

Vad underbart med fjärillar på väggen :)