Tuesday, 26 April 2011


Since I now have an allotment I shall grow flowers too! Seeds. I need seeds. But first I need to plan what seeds I will purchaise as I know I will be like a child in a candystore...I´ll have those and those and those and those...

I just ordered tickets to see Hämärän lapsi performance at Kapsäkki theatre on friday. Anna-Mari Kähärä has composed songs to L. Onerva lyrics and performed by Maria Ylipää, a wonderful actress and singer. I can´t wait to see this performance. I posted about L. Onerva almost a year ago, when I saw an exhibition of her at Ateneum in Helsinki. An exhibition I simply fell in love with.

Above is my flowerlamp purchaised at Habitat some years ago. I haven´t grown tired of it! It´s designed by Helena Christensen. I bought it in London as we didn´t have Habitat in Helsinki at the time. I haven´t seen these in Habitat in Helsinki, so not sure if they can be purchaised here.


swedishouse said...

Hej Nina

LOVE the flower power lamp...I thought it was a daffodil at first
Glad your little gift arrived safely with you & you are v.welcome, it is nice to share some of my lucky loppis finds. I knew you would appreciate it and it had your name all over it...well your initial lol!
EXCITING isn't it seeds/plants/allotments...hubby is just making me some raised beds so hopefully this year in Sweden we can have some home grown grub. We miss our allotment in London ;-(
Have fun sowing

P.K said...

The flower lamp is amazing, I haven't seen anything like it. Good luck with the seeds. My garden is rather dark so after a few challenging seasons I buy little plants and get better results.

renilde said...

Flowery post,lovely lamp!
If you would find some Nigella Damascena flowerseeds I would say try them, easy to grow, lovely delicate blue flowers and beautiful seed pods filled with seed for the next year.x