Thursday, 7 April 2011

Guests jeeeee!

My friend A is coming to stay for a night. She arrives tomorrow. I´m very excited! I´m going to buy a bottle of wine, make a rich salad and maybe a small soup on the side. Lovely to have time to talk.

I've had this tune in my head all day. Especially the part where they sing olen onnellinen - mitä sä luulit. I am happy - what did you expect. I keep making a gesture, I spread my arms and am about to turn, everytime I hear that phrase. Funny thing though, I don´t even think the song is special or particularly good. It´s that phrase I have feelings for;)
I have ordered Anna Järvinen's new album. It should arrive in the mail within a few days. Hopefully tomorrow because then I can play it for my friend A.

Above is my chandelier. It gives a lovely light in my home.


P.K said...

Have a lovely weekend. There is nothing better than to have a friend arrive at a new home to start all those good memories.

akissfromthepast said...

O ! i love the chandelier! :) that sounds like a very good weekend coming!! :D have a great days and weekend too! :D ps. i have to go back to listen that song..

renilde said...

Sit back and relax dear Nina and have a nice time with your friend you deserved it,x