Monday, 25 April 2011

Living outdoors

It is amazing what weather we´ve had over the easterholidays. Most peple seem to have moved outdoors! Me included. I have mainly sat in the sun with friends enjoying plenty of tea and coffee and easter-treats.
Today I have planned what to grow on my little plot, I'm sharing an allotment with a neighbour, it´s located next to our garden. It was her idea that we share allotments, great idea as they are rather large in scale.

Today I have friends coming over, we are making dinner together and maybe attend a gig in the evening - if we feel like it, we decided to keep it optional.

Above is a little pink collection I have. There is something about that image with the arm and the spoon...I wish I knew who it is by. I bought the matchbox in a gallery years ago but I have lost the name of the artist:(


P.K said...

Lovely pink pieces. The matchbox image is most intriguing. Good luck with the allotment. It is so satisfying to be able to grow your own veggies and herbs. Have a great week.

Henrietta said...

On ollut kyllä käsittäättömän upeaa. Mua vaan harmittaa kun en voi istua edelleenkään typerän iskiksen takia enkä viitsi vaan seiskolle useampaa tuntia takapihalla. Olen käynyt vahtaamassa varmaan tunnin välein kukan alkuja josko jotain silmiinpistävää muutosta tapahtuisi:)
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