Sunday, 10 April 2011


The snow is melting mighty fast. Our garden is visible. I sat on the stairs and enjoyed an afternoon coffee in the sun, chatting away with my neighbours and breathing spring.
I have been lying on my bed listened to Anna Järvinen's new album. So happy it arrived on friday. It is absolutely lovely. There are sooooo many songs that have found their way home, in me, on me, there and there and there...
I can feel the sun on my face. Time to wish you a good night, sweet dreams dear friends.

Above is my sugar tin.


renilde said...

Beautiful sugar tin , may there be lots of sweet moments in your new home!
I'm glad for you Spring is arriving where you live too, here it definitely has and it feels so good. X

Ann said...

Our snow also finally melted, the flowers are peaking out and the grass is now green.