Monday, 23 May 2011

Coming home...

... is wonderful! It was good to be away - but very happy to be back home again.
On my agenda today is taking care of my allotment, write a report and end it all with a massage appointment. Not at all bad!
I shall make dinner with spinach tonight. I purchaised a huuuuuuge bag of fresh spinach. Isn´t it funny how spinach decreases when you prepare it! Like mushrooms. You have lots of spinach or mushrooms and think no this is too much but once prepared you wish you had doubled the amount from the beginning;)

Allotment, here I come!


Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Nina:
The old adage that 'East, West, Home is Best, always rings true for us too. Yes, it is wonderful to discover new places, and to travel, but it is equally important that one is content in one's own surroundings. Which clearly you are.

Oh yes, mountains of spinach are always needed!! Enjoy your day.

Floss said...

Glad to see you home again! Enjoy your spinach - I love the way a sink-full turns into two portions!


Hej Nina
WELCOME Hem Ljuva Hem!
I miss our allottment in London.
Nu jag ska i tradgarden ochso ;-)
I have 4 raised beds we have made and I need to feel with soil in preparation for planting ...
Mums! Spinach!

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

Welcome back, chère Nina! I know the joy of returning home all too well...


renilde said...

That photo is so beautiful!
My spinach is still growing, we need some rain over here, x

Henrietta said...

Voi elämä on ihanaa ja kiskasta. Meillä kävi tänään ikkunanpesijä ja tuntuu kun laseja ei olisi olleska ja maailma näyttää upeelta. Mä olin töissä kun joku ihana mies kävi täällä pesee ne. Naapurinrouvan kans otettiin ekaa kertaa elämässämme ulkopuolinen tekijä hommaan ja oli halpaakin. Ihminen on onnelinen pienistä asioista puhtaista laikkunoista ja kirkkaista väreistä;)
Ihanaa viikkoa

Alma said...

A massage !!! I'm a huge fan!!! Lucky you!