Monday, 9 May 2011

It´s defenately allergy...

Well, after I´ve tried an allergy-pill, I felt so much better. So it must be allergy!
I´m going to make plenty of green-tea and do a nasal rinse ritual;)
I´ll be alright and can enjoy this wonderful season.

Above are some of my old tea-tins


Henrietta said...

Hyvä jos pilsut tepsiin turhaan on hölmöä kärsiä:) Aivan ihat nuo purnukat ja taitaa olla tosi vanhat ja oiskos ulkomaalaiset, en oo suomessa tollasia nähny.

Floss said...

Lovely tins - and I'm glad you've solved the mystery too! Vintaeg Vikki had a photo of herself on her bolg wearing enormous sunglasses, which she is using to protect her eyes from pollen this year. It seems that many people are suffering for the first time this year.