Monday, 30 May 2011


Time flies by when you´re having fun. Who said that?
Well, who ever it was had a point there. My weekend just flew by. And I had plenty of fun. Saturday was Fleamarket-day in our "village". My street was cut off of traffic and turned into a fleamarket. I sold everything within a few hrs!
In the evening I attended Anna Järvinen's consert. I sooooo enjoyed it. And there was a magical moment. They finished the gig with Hur man lättar helt enkelt and when they returned for their encores and the audience silenced I shouted "Kom hem" and unbelievable, they played the song! After the song she asked who wished for the song and people pointed at me (I was close to the stage, "third row") and I waved and then she looked at me and said "this song was for you, we played this for you" and then she laughed and said they had not rehersed it! My friends were kissing and holding me and I felt it was magical. We cykled home through a beautiful city and I can tell you, life doesn´t get much more wonderful!

On sunday I attended the World village festival. Plenty of interesting perfomances, food, friends and meetings.
The image above is from one of the tents. Ballons;)


Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Nina:
What an absolutely magical moment, and your very own. We are so thrilled for you and that coming after a sell out of your goods in the morning.

It is indeed these kinds of things which make life so good.

Elsa said...

Minäkin pidän kovasti Anna Järvisestä, ja hänen tavastaan tulkita, ja ääni on ainutlaatuinen!