Wednesday, 8 June 2011

I wore flowers in my hair

We´ve had guests daily and received plenty of gifts and flowers. On monday we had a lovely guest whom we both wished could have stayed longer longer longer. I painted my nails red, wore lipstick and flowers in my hair. I slept in his arms. And darling K slept in his clothes;) And once he left the next day, I felt that feeling again that somehow could relate to longing. I felt it last time he was here and he left and I wrote about it here.
We have a heatwave in Finland. It is really hot! + 30 degrees C in the shadow!!!! So plenty of water, fruits and ice-cream! In fact, I´m going to have another ice-cream!


renilde said...

Enjoy the ice cream, the heat, the moments, it all sounds very good, x

akissfromthepast said...

here is another ice cream eater :) i love mint and salmiakki and strawberry ones :)
wonderfull that you keep flowers in your hair! its great!!