Saturday, 4 June 2011


My darling K has settled in well. We´ve had absolutely no problems at all. Well, a minor incident that perhaps could be worth mentioning...this morning when I flushed the toilet I noticed it sounded slightly different and emmediately noticed my toilet freshener was gone. How could it be possible as I´ve kept the lid closed. So I figured my darling K has managed to loosen it from the outside. I called the plumber. He arrived and in the end he had to remove the toilet seat and eventually we found the toilet freshener! It cost me 250 euros so I guess I shall not be using them again!

She is very sweet and warm and loves to be near me, and I´m certain we shall have a very happy life together. Thank you for all your kind comments and wishes. She has already given me so much joy and love and I cannot think of life without her. She really has melted my heart.

We´ve also had guests and at first she was a little shy and scared, but today she even slept in my friends lap!

Above is a little letterscale from my childhood. And origami I´ve made from old booksheets. A little stilleben where I used to have my "enormous" glassdome. I´ve packed it away for the time beeing until darling K has settled in properly and knows her way around. She is very curious and wants to explore places. She is still very cautious. It is such fun to see how how she no longer gets scared if my phone rings or my neighbours walk in the hallway, we said hello to them last night as she had been "on call" everytime she heard a noise form behind the front door. Now she doesn´t really pay any attention to them.

She also played with me today. I´ve tried different toys without any success but today I tossed a ball back and forth and eventually she started chasing it. I was also quite happy to find she has played with my toiletroll, I mean that she finds pleasure even if it is only toiletpaper (and obviously with the toilet refresher). She will be more playful as time goes by and that makes me happy.


P.K said...

It is amazing how our furry friends become part of our life so quickly, and naturally there has to be a little incident. Glad to hear that all is well.

Pia said...

Åh, en sådan liten gullegullepluttunge!Man får inte skratta åt en annans missöde, men jag kunde inte heller låta bli...

När vi skaffade hund, åt han 9 STYCKEN (inte par)skor, men när han hävde i sig TREDJE paret glasögon (MINA!!!), då brast jag i gråt!
Nu skulle han inte göra en fluga illa!