Tuesday, 28 June 2011


I must say, I did not know before I wrote my previous post, that the sore memory of betraying my mother at the age of seven, could actually be healed.
Thanks to comments made by P.K. , Agneta and Jackie, my inner seven yrs old is no longer feeling guilt and the memory has taken on a new form.
Those comments were the best thing my inner seven yrs old could have. She needed someone who gave the exact right words, so that she could let go of guilt.
I have always trusted that if you are brave enough to show your vulnerability and be honest, you will be met with love. And this proves it.

I found my old Art Garfunkel cd. I have been singing along to this.
Last night I tried to call a special someone to sing a song on the phone. He had tried to call me twice last night when I was at dance-class. I tried again once I got home. I still have not sung:(

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countingdandelions said...

I do hope he calls again!

Lovely photograph too!