Friday, 1 July 2011


I have spent plenty of time in the sea and on the beach. I have also spent plenty of time riding my bicykle. And spent time with friends in water and on bikes. Occasionally at a wonderful café in Kalasatama called Ihana kahvila. Today I met a man at the café who started talking to me and told me it is possible to swim nearby, in fact at Kalasatama harbour. So me and my friend explored the area and found the place where you can in fact jump (approx 3m high) and there is a ladder to climb. We will try it out within the next few days. He was very nice and I bumped into him later and I swear, I did think for a split second that he was going to kiss me, so happy was he;) He was very straight forward, he said "I like it that you are so curious and excited about swimming". He is right. I am related to fish. I love to dive and swim. And I love to jump from high places into deep water.
Next week my dear friend H is coming to stay for a week. He lives in Gothenburg.

Happy july dear friends.

PS. He did call back (I´m referring to my previous post). And I did sing.


renilde said...

And happy July to you Nina, seems like you're having a good time, that's wonderful. Me too i love to be in the water but it has to be open air, like a river or a sea, i don't like indoor swimming pools. happy weekend, x

akissfromthepast said...

swimming is greatness! i could swim or take a bubble bath every day basis! ^^happy days to you Nina!

Leigh said...

Sounds like a good start for the month. I just recently got a bike and love it, though I'm still a little nervous riding it :) Looking forward to swimming sometime soon.