Monday, 25 July 2011

Seamonsters on a windowsill

In the weekend I listened to my Mariza cd´s. I have not listened to them in ages. I have been so lucky to have seen Mariza in consert many times. Last time I cried at the Barbican centre in London some yrs ago, I believe it must have been in 2008 or 2009. My oh my, how time flies! Transparente is my favorite album. I lay in bed, cat by my side and breathe in the wonderful music.

I have been painting a plank. I´m making a windowsill for my cat. She has enjoyed the view from an upperwindow I keep open all the time, but autumn will eventually be here and I´m going to have to close the window, so therefore I´m making a windowsill for her to sit by the window.

My caring present has been well received. And used! Oh joy! They returned to basecamp on saturday and it has been in use since, apparently a certain someone has a stiff back. Poor thing.
Now my P is driving to lake Inarijärvi where he is kayaking until mid august. The "wrap" is apparently also travelling to Lapland;)

Oh, a funny and scary incident from last week. I decided to enjoy a nightswim by myself. Cykled to the sea and whilst enjoying the soft warm seawater I suddenly felt something touch my leg!!!! I emmediately thought it must be a seamonster of some sort so I swam ashore in less than a few seconds! So there I stood on the shore, out of breath, heart beating like crazy and slowly realizing I will probably never be grown up!


akissfromthepast said...

Lets never grow up :)

renilde said...

I agree!! x

countingdandelions said...

i agree with akissfromthepast. let's not ever grown up. by the way, i would have done the same thing but probably not have gone in the first place. im such a scaredy cat!