Sunday, 17 July 2011

Terrible blogger...

...award goes to me! I´m sorry for very bleak posts lately and for not commenting on your posts. I do read all your blogs!

End of week turned out rather more active than I had planned. My friend T came to visit saturday and she wanted to work with me on my allotment (yes I am very spoiled with friends who want to do things with me and for me - unconditionally and without asking!). It now looks so well organised and clean of any weed I hardly recognise it as my allotment;) I shall enjoy it while it lasts...for a few days the most! How come weed grows so fast and not all the lovely edible stuff I have planted!
After hard work on my allotment I prepared dinner and we enjoyed some rosé wine. Rosé is just perfect for summer, isn't it?

Today when I came home I found my orchid had dropped one of its flowers. And it had dropped it on my knitting-project. It looked very sad but beautiful against the grey yarn. I´m knitting some sort of a "wrap" to be used on aching or injured bodyparts. The yarn is called Kipuapusilkkivilla and it consists of 70% handwashed sheep wool and 30% untreated silk. The wool and silk are combined during the carding phase. The combination works well on various symptoms, for ex. rheumatic pains. I am making this "wrap" to a certain someone whom I´ve mentioned a few times on the blog. No, I am not dating anyone. But occasionally I meet with a very nice person. This very nice person works as a wilderness guide and canoeing instructor, so I imagine he might have a few sore muscles at times...and as you probably can guess, this is his high-peak-season so we haven´t met in a looooong time. Not that I would keep count or anything. But I knit. And spoil a certain cat with plenty affection. Not sure what knitting and spoiling a cat has to do with anything really. REALLY!

And yes, it´s him I sang to on the phone if you have to know;)


P.K said...

I like the pink of the flower on the knitting placed on the inlaid wood table. Many layers, many stories. Enjoy summer, your allotment sounds like it promises a good harvest.

akissfromthepast said...

Kaunis kuvioinen pöytä sulla :) upea zen henkinen asetelma. Kesken jäänyt kudin, orkidean kukka tippuu kuivuneena villamereen. :)

Floss said...

You're not a bag blogger. A bad blogger would be an untruthful one, surely?? And you've just been honest - that's OK, Nina. I love the idea of a wrap that makes you better. What a great idea. Have a really special week,



renilde said...

just enjoy your friends, your allotment, your rosé and all the nice happenings in your life and don't worry about us or being a bad blogger....there is a time for everything, x

Elsa said...

Ihan turhaan ruoskit itseäni huonona bloggerina, vapaaehtoisestihan täällä ollaan.

Minulla ei orkidea menesty lainkaan, joten annan olla. Kaunis tausta kauniille orkideallesi!

Suloisia suvipäiviä toivottelen.